Who is watching your backup process?  For your servers?  For your remote users?  For your databases? The accelerating pace of data creation, accumulation, and diffusion is now increasing exponentially through widespread use of the Internet, email, and media-rich software. Data is stored in increasingly diverse locations and applications, making centralized backup more challenging than ever and solid automated backups more valuable than ever.

  •     Automatic Backup – performed on schedule without human effort.
  •     Offsite Storage – copies are stored at multiple locations offsite.
  •     Encrypted – secure and HIPAA compliant.
  •     Disaster Recovery Ready – data restoration in just a few clicks.
  •     Daily Backup Review – trained technicians review reports daily.
  •     Affordable.
  •     Accessibility - easy to access from anywhere

Price -- Plan*

  • $19   10 GB Storage
  • $35   20 GB Storage
  • $49   30 GB Storage
  • $69   50 GB Storage
  • $89   75 GB Storage
  • $99   100 GB Storage

*Call for over 100 GB 1.800.942.4043



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