In order to consistently provide high quality computer equipment, while maximizing compatibility with current and legacy technologies, Advanced Automation Inc. (AAI) began manufacturing the AAI brand computers. Our computers are based on tier one component manufacturers: Intel, Seagate, Kingston, Samsung and Toshiba. Each computer is custom built to the clients specific requirements and tested extensively before delivery. Our goal is to provide a cost effective, trouble free computer with state-of-the-art components that will service your business for years to come.


We offer a wide variety of telephony solutions; from traditional analog and digital phone systems to state-of-the-art systems, our team has a solution to meet your needs. VoIP enables voice communications to any IP network. This allows you to use the same network infrastructure for your phones, computers and security cameras-ultimately resulting in cost savings. VoIP unlocks a range of options not available in traditional phone systems. Any computer can become a phone as long as it is connected to your computer network or the Internet-an exceptional solution for telecommuting and traveling employees.


A well manufactured server rack provides increased security, orderly cable management and increased ventilation. Advanced Automation offers server rack solutions from the industry leader, APC Netshelter.Server rack mounts are an aesthetic solution to the noise and clutter generated by networks requiring multiple servers, firewall's, switches, patch panels, as well as battery and data backup devises.


Anyone who has been involved in a Library collection move or shift understands the importance of an accurate plan. Although not a frequent occurrence, a library collection move or shift will shape your library's collection for many years to come. Until recently, planning was done by hand and, since no library had a full-time move administrator, planning was often done by recruits. They spent hundreds of overtime hours calculating and sketching maps. Now, The Shelf Space Manager software tool simplifies this collection.